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Fleet & Fuel Management

For any business to be successful, there is need to manage expenses and ensure efficient utilization of its assets, we enable vehicle owners manage their automobile assets to ensure they grow sustainable businesses. System features;

  • Monitor vehicle status in real-time
  • Monitor the fuel level of the vehicle in real-time and alert on drastic increase/decrease in fuel levels
  • Remote engine shutdown in case of misuse or theft
  • Monitor the temperature of the vehicle/ cargo (optional)
  • Read the vehicle computer data (optional)
  • SOS/ Panic Button for distress signals
  • Driver Identification
  • Geo-zones and route management and receive notifications on entering/ departures
  • Custom Reports: such as working hours, vehicle speed, mileage, fuel level and usage as well as violation reports
  • Vehicle service reminders, license and insurance renewals
  • Monitoring via web and phone apps
  • 24hr support
  • Free recovery technical assistance in case of theft
  • Security Systems

    With the increasing demand for privacy and safety at homes, institutions and work places, there is need for those in charge to know who has access to their premises and restricted areas, the times of access and have historical data stored electronically to minimize/ eradicate unauthorized access, make investigatory process easier due to digital historical data and also eradicate the human element who may be compromised a lot easier. Omni Track has noted the gap in the security industry and hence we offer various systems ranging from;

  • CCTV cameras
  • Nanny cameras
  • Access control
  • Fuel Monitoring

    We wish to introduce Combe90 Engineering (PYT) Ltd a duly registered South African Company with whom Omni Track has partnered with to offer Fuel Monitoring solutions such as;

  • Telemetry Systems for remote fuel monitoring and control
  • Automated Tank Gauging systems. (ATG)
  • Point of Sale Systems (POS)
  • Road tanker monitoring and reporting systems
  • Above/Underground Fuel storage tank installation
  • Supply and installation of fuel dispensers
  • Consultancy for fuel station design
  • Canopy lighting
  • Fuel Filtration and Polishing
  • Electronic Line Leak Detection Systems (ELLD) among other services
  • let's work together.

    Omni Track Limited focuses on delivering cutting edge solutions that provide the competitive edge of our clients, without accompanying management distractions. By delivering superior solutions that are carefully tailored to suit their business culture, we ensure that our clients focus on managing and developing their core competences. Thank you!